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Estimated 500+ Aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered in Canada over the past thirty years- The crisis of missing and murdered women

Event about the crisis of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada

The event will begin with the screening of Finding Dawn, a compelling documentary on the estimated 500+ Aboriginal women who have gone missing or been murdered in Canada over the past thirty years.

The documentary "Finding Dawn" illustrates the deep historical, social and economic roots of violence against Aboriginal women. It concludes with a message of hope and shared responsibility. Directed by Métis filmmaker Christine Welsh.

The documentary: Finding Dawn: Justice for Aboriginal Women

When: Wednesday, October 7 at 7:00 PM

Where: Kailash Mital Theater, Southam Hall, Carleton University, Ottawa ON

Free admission (suggested donation $10)

Entry is free to public and all donations – suggested at $10 – will go to the Kelly Morrisseau Education Fund established by Paul Dewar. The fund is dedicated to Kelly Morrisseau’s children, a young aboriginal woman who was murdered in Gatineau Park in December 2006.

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M.D. William Henry Anderson, former Chief of Neuropsychiatry at Guantanamo Bay, CALLS FOR THE KILLING OF 100,000 MUSLIN "ZEALOTS"

His article was published in the Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies .

Article published Monday August 31, 2009 - by Jeff Kayne: (HERE)

"This story reports on an extraordinary 2004 article by a Harvard lecturer and former Chief of Neuropsychiatry at Guantanamo Bay, which made the shocking claim that "hard-core zealots" had "brains that are structurally and functionally different from us." Furthermore, the article stated, 100,000 "zealots" within the Muslim body politic would have to be eliminated, the way "malignant [cancer] cells" are removed from a healthy body.

The author of the article, "Terrorism - The Underlying Causes," in the Winter/Spring 2004 issue of the Intelligencer, Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies (PDF), house organ for the American Federation of Intelligence Officers (AFIO), was William Henry Anderson, M.D. Anderson's piece received a stinging protest letter to the editor from psychologist and military ethics expert, Jean Maria Arrigo, but I'm not aware of any other complaint regarding this racist, fascistic article in the pages of a major intelligence services journal."

AMERICAN HISTORY OF ABUSES GOES ON - From MKULTRA to today experiments in Humans by USA

Originally published on The Public Record - Sep 9th, 2009 - by Jeffrey Kaye (HERE)

Experiments Linked to Torture Program:

A number of new articles have been published recently that have highlighted evidence of illegal human experimentation on U.S.-held “terrorism” prisoners undergoing torture. These articles followed the release of a “white paper” by Physicians for Human Rights [PHR], Aiding Torture: Health Professionals’ Ethics and Human Rights Violations Demonstrated in the May 2004 Inspector General’s Report.

To continue reading the article, click HERE

SHAMELESS USA : Rendition Torture Flights Doctor "Col. (Dr.) James W. Walter Gets Medal for Serving on Torture Program

Originally posted at Firedoglake

"Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, reported on September 17 that Col. (Dr.) James W. Walter has been awarded the Air Medal "for his meritorious service on delicate assignments providing medical care to enemy detainees."
From January 2007 to 2009 as the senior detainee movement flight surgeon, he provided 106 combat hours of support to the 14 Joint Task Force Detainee Movement Operations missions in the C-17A. His service included travel into 15 different countries, some of them in an active enemy fire zone."
Air Force Doctor Gets Medal for Serving on Rendition Torture Flights
By Jeff Kaye
Maxwell-Gunther Dispatch.com, the web news site for personnel and interested partisans of Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, reported on September 17 that Col. (Dr.) James W. Walter has been awarded the Air Medal “for his meritorious service on delicate assignments providing medical care to enemy detainees.”
From January 2007 to 2009 as the senior detainee movement flight surgeon, he provided 106 combat hours of support to the 14 Joint Task Force Detainee Movement Operations missions in the C-17A. His service included travel into 15 different countries, some of them in an active enemy fire zone.
The article goes into great detail about “self-professed military brat” Walter’s career as a NASA space shuttle launch and recovery physician, and says nothing more about the service for which he was awarded a medal. That’s because the military’s rendition program is highly secret. Stephen Grey in his 2006 book, Ghost Plane, noted the existence of the military’s rendition program, and proclaimed it was larger than the CIA’s. But Grey’s research concentrated on the CIA’s program. The Pentagon’s rendition program received its first major outing in the pages of the New York Times only in August 2008:
WASHINGTON – The United States military has secretly handed over more than 200 militants to the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries, nearly all in the past two years, as part of an effort to reduce the burden of detaining and interrogating foreign fighters captured in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to American military officials.
The system is similar in some ways to the rendition program used by the Central Intelligence Agency since the Sept. 11 attacks to secretly transfer people suspected of being militants back to their home countries to be jailed and questioned.
And tortured? The United States supposedly seeks “assurances” that the prisoners will not be tortured when sent back to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. An article by Eric Umansky at Pro Publica, published just after the Times expose, noted that though American officials insist they obtain guarantees that “detainees” will be treated “humanely,” rights groups, such as Human Rights Watch, aren’t so sure:
The growing weight of evidence and international expert opinion indicates that diplomatic assurances cannot protect people at risk of torture from such treatment on return. Sending countries that rely on such assurances are either engaging in wishful thinking or using the assurances as a fig leaf to cover their own complicity in torture. In either case, governments seeking diplomatic assurances against torture are in effect trying to circumvent their own obligations not to return people to face such treatment.
All the governments offering diplomatic assurances have long histories and continuing records of employing torture, a fact that most sending governments acknowledge….
In October 2002, the U.S. government transferred Maher Arar, a dual Canadian-Syrian citizen, from New York via Jordan to Syria based on diplomatic assurances of humane treatment. Arar was released in October 2003. An independent fact-finder appointed by an official Canadian Commission of Inquiry into Arar’s treatment concluded in October 2005 that Arar had been tortured in Syrian custody, despite Syrian assurances to the contrary and several visits from Canadian consular officials.
While Col. (Dr.) Walter is said to have orthopedic experience, it’s most likely he was there to monitor and/or administer sedating drugs which numerous reports have indicated were administered to rendition victims. I suppose if a “detainee” needed some stitches after a beating, or even a bone set after an “incident,” the good doctor would be there to make sure the prisoner arrived in good shape for his Saudi or Egyptian torturer. Of course, Saudi Arabia and Egypt were surely not the only destinations for rendition flights, as the Maxwell-Gunther article notes Walter’s planes traveled to at least 15 different countries. It is worth noting here, by the way, that the Obama administration has refused to end the rendition program, though its officials offer the same bland assurances about prisoner safety as those of their GOP predecessors.
According to the New York Times article, once captured, the prisoners are first held in one of two Special Operations prisons, “in Balad, Iraq, and Bagram, Afghanistan, for up to two weeks,” more if Secretary of Defense Robert Gates gives the high sign. They are imprisoned without notice to the International Red Cross, until they’re ready for transfer. According to Steven Grey, no hearing takes place prior to their rendition back to a country that might torture them, as is required by international law. Perhaps that’s because the prisoners supposedly “can block their transfers to home countries.” As Pro Publica’s Umansky laconically noted, “No word on what happens to the prisoners if they choose to exercise their apparent right to veto.” Apparently, as of August 2008 over 200 prisoners had already been transferred to their home countries under the military’s rendition program. (In 2006, Grey thought the number as high as 1,000.) But with all the attention on the CIA’s rendition program, the Pentagon’s version appears to have flown under the radar, news-wise.
Until Col. (Dr.) Walter got his medal. How ironic it comes only days after Physicians for Human Rights released a “white paper” on doctors aiding torture. Steven Miles, author of Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity and America’s War on Terror, has written: “The medical system collaborated with designing and implementing psychologically and physically coercive interrogations” in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. The participation of doctors in the rendition program, which has sent an untold number of prisoners back to the torture dungeons of some of the most brutal regimes on this planet, is both a crime and a violation of medical ethics of the highest sort.
It is a painful truth that actions that should be condemned and punished are instead, in 2009 America, awarded medals. And how did Col. (Dr.) Walter respond to his high honor?
“It’s kind of neat to get a medal on the flying side rather than the medical side,” said Colonel Walter. “My father would be proud.”

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USA Torture Program and America's History of Human Experiments and impunity - History Channel documentary

To read documents and to learn the History of US torture in SERE, Vietnam, Latin America, GMTO, Black Sites , see Michael Otterman's research site at:


Herta Oberheuser - Physician

Herta Oberheuser - female physician who worked under Dr.Kark Gebhart, performing human experiments during the Nazi regime. She worked at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp from 1940 to 1943.

April 8, 1947

She made some of the most gruesome and painful medical experiments conducted in 86 women, 74 of whom were Polish political prisoners in the camp.
Her experiments focused on deliberately inflicting wounds on the subjects. In order to simulate the combat wounds of German soldiers fighting in the war, Herta Oberheuser rubbed foreign objects, such as wood, rusty nails, slivers of glass, dirt or sawdust into the wounds.
Oberheuser killed healthy children with oil and evipan injections, then removed their limbs and vital organs.

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UK NEWS - Control Orders to be revoked (control orders in Canada are the "Security Certficates" equivalente

News in The Guardian - Sep 7, 2009


Most of the remaining control orders imposed on terror suspects are expected to be revoked following the decision by the home secretary, Alan Johnson, to free a man with Libyan and British nationality after three years under virtual house arrest.

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Harm School - An article by William Saletan - SLATE Magazine - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rape, S&M, and the Bush torture program.

Rape , Sadomasochism and the American Interrogation Program:
First, they make the person "a criminal" - no consent necessary...
Then, they go on dehumanizing those they have chosen as "specials". And then, there is no accountability...

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GOMORRAH :sadism and hypocrisy

"Because the outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah has become great, and because their sin has been very grave, I will descend and see...'"
(Sodom and Gomorrah - were two cities in the Bible which were destroyed by God.)

Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party - by Max Blumenthal
"The book traces the rise of the radical right in the US and how it used the concept of personal crisis to grow as a movement and eventually capture control of the GOP to transform it from the party of Dwight Eisenhower to the party of Sarah Palin."

References to Gomorrah:
Quran - HERE
The Jewish Enciclopedia HERE
Christian - HERE

Movie:Gomorrah-by Matteo Garrone based on the book by Roberto Saviano. More HERE

Book - Republican Gomorrah: by Max Blumenthal

Europe starts receiving men released from Guantanamo - August 28, 2009

The two men are:

Mohammed al-Tumani, who was 18 when he was seized in Afganistan with his father, Abdul Nasir al-Tumani, and both were sent to Guantanamo.

Moammar Dokhan, who was 29 when he was captured on the Pakistani border.

On August 28, 2009 the Portuguese interior ministry announced that two Syrian prisoners had arrived from Guantánamo and had been released on their arrival in Portugal. Officials added that they are “not subject to any charge, they are free people and are living in homes provided by the state.”

Mohammed al-Tumani (identified by the Pentagon as Muhammed Khan Tumani), is now 27 and Moammar Badawi Dokhan is 37 years old. Both were kept in Guantanamo without charge for six years and were “subjected to beatings and physical and psychological torture,” including sleep deprivation.

US Justice Department explained the circumstances of the men’s release, stressing that the final say in approving their transfer had been taken by Congress. “As directed by the President’s Jan. 22, 2009 Executive Order, the interagency Guantánamo Review Task Force conducted a comprehensive review of these cases,” the DoJ announced, adding, “As a result of that review, the detainees were approved for transfer from Guantánamo Bay. On Aug. 6, 2009, in accordance with Congressionally-mandated reporting requirements, the Administration informed Congress of its intent to transfer these two detainees.

Their stories, publicly available documents from Guantánamo, reveal that neither man had any connection to terrorism.

The circunstances of their transfer to Guantanamo and release: HERE


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Socializing with atrocities

From Dachau Concentration Camp to USA:

The monumental evil done by particular human beings who were trained to heal and cure - A reminder of

of how educated, ordinary people allowed themselves to commit barbaric acts and became torturers and killers ...
"Early perpetrators become a scientific and moral elite and form a spiritual
engine of biological necessity. The rest of the population is not deemed
ready for full knowledge; there is an ambivalence between secrecy tinged
with shame and pride of achievement as the genocidal radius moves outward
into an increasingly enveloping system of order and policy, of bureaucratic
and technological arrangement"
"The KILLING PROFESSIONALS-Genocidal projects requires the active participation of educated professionals... - who combine to create not only the technology of genocide
but much of its ideological rationale, moral climate and organizational
"In the process of being improved, technology itself comes increasingly to dominate the perpetrators field of attention."
"The technology helps create a hermetic world in which everyone is motivated to make things "work". And the preoccupation takes on a sense of everydayness, of normality"
"The GENOCIDAL SELF - Extreme numbing can, as we have seen, lead to amoral self-process; and numbing and doubling to evil-self-process, sometimes with
the self losing its capacity to distinguish between good and
evil.....Precisely when the principle called upon takes on a strong
therapeutic tone can self-process move readily toward genocide"....

The Nazi Doctors - Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert J. Lifton
"A powerful reminder of the monumental evil done by particular human beings who were trained to heal and cure."--Robert Coles, "Boston Globe"

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

The Guardian UK - September 2, 2009 - Ed Pilkington