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International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT)

Morning Routine - (IRCT)

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Another illegal Human Experiment by the CIA in progress ?

The History of CIA Torture: "A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, From the Cold War to the War on Terror"

The Canadian connection with the the "no-touch torture" techniques of the CIA:

Interview with Professor Alfred W.McCoy in the ABC Radio National Australia, "LateNightLive", aired March 16, 2006:


Topics of the interview include:
- the Canadian Defence Board sponsored experiments to induce psychosis
- the sensory deprivation chamber commissioned at McGuill University (the Manhatan Project of the Mind) - t in Montreal to today

Professor Alfred W.McCoy has been studying the CIA for twenty years, in his new book he traces the the evolution of CIA interrogation methods back to the failed mind control experiments of the Cold War, and argues that the images from Abu Ghraib reveal a systematic and deliberate application of those methods.

Title: A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation From the Cold War to the War on Terror
Author: Alfred W McCoy
Publisher: Henry Holt

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Rape and torture -by the graduates of american "School of the Americas" Led by also graduate Romeo Vasquez -The american taught way of doing business

Despite US government claims that they've cut all military ties with the Honduran golpistas, the SOA continues to train Honduran soldiers. article HERE.

Take action: HERE

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RAPING THE WORLD: THE AMERICAN TORTURE INSTRUCTIONS- “Reception at Black Site”: WELCOME HOME !! and then "The insult slap "

The essence of American Torture, wherever it takes place:

"pressure" in a comprehensive, systematic and cumulative manner...

"The insult slap “is often the first physical technique used with an High Value Detainee once an interrogation begins.”

It is all written in details, from the first "insult slap" to wherever it goes...

Among the documents released on Monday there is a "background paper" which describes the CIA’s process of “rendition” and the torture prisoners are then subjected to ( at least part of it)

Instructions on torture satrating at the "Welcome Home" upon arrival at the torture prisons :

Three stages and more : conditioning techniques, corrective techniques and coercive techniques...

“conditioning techniques” - detainee is reduced to a “baseline, dependent state”
"corrective techniques" - “insult slap,” “abdominal slap,” “facial hold,” and “attention grasp.”...
"coercive techniques" - .....

Background paper - HERE "The Combined techniques of the United States of America Torture Program:
Documents released (only a fraction of what exists, for sure)

"Getting Used to it???" It took decades to USA to go from experiments in humans(MKULTRA) to a Torture Policy. Why blaming George Bush now?

The American Torture Program and a small, very small piece of its details is revealed and the atrocities are in no way far away from madness and cruelty. This could not have happened just "because of Bush". This has to be the result of a History of years and years of impunity and atrocities.

As History tells and in a very similar manner to detainees expected condition (as described in the memos) , America's History of atrocities become each day more and more "predictable" and probably "sustainable" as impunity is also in the USA agenda.. Because "Yes, they can"!

Although the documents released Monday , August 24, 2009, probably described only a small piece of the CIA’s detention and torture program and are "outdated" since the report dates back to 2004, hopefully it is still shocking to Americans to learn that their country, the self proclaimed "Bastian of democracy" has actually a real face that is far from decent besides having invested itself with the power of turn the rest of the world into witnesses to atrocities and impunity it proclaims to be unacceptable from others.

The memos speak for themselves - They show the real face of the United States of America and of its disregard for any rule or Law that is not convenient for the CIA and "others".

An interesting article about the content and link to the memos by Jason Leopold , The Public Record, August 25, 2009:
"Revealed: Docs Describe in Extraordinary Detail Process of ‘Rendition,’ Torture" HERE

USA The Torture Regime: A Lot more than "waterboarding"

Is the CIA Interrogation Probe for real? or just for "low-level sadists" as in the Abu Ghraib scandal?

Interview with Glenn Greenwald, constitutional law attorney and political and legal blogger for

Missing Aboriginal Women - Sisters in Spirit

As The Manitoba government, RCMP and Winnipeg Police Service formally established a task force Wednesday to review cases involving missing and murdered women in the province as announced on August 26, 2009, a retrospective of the struggle that has been going on for so many years.
More at:
Amnesty International Canada Campaign -Stolen Sisters HERE
Sisters in Spirit HERE
Updates at

"Guns, Drugs and the CIA " - An investigation of the CIA and its role in international drug dealing

Guns, Drugs and the CIA is a PBS Documentary aired on FRONTLINE on May 17, 1988 - Watch HERE - An investigation of the CIA and its role in international drug dealing

See also:
''The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia''-Alfred W. McCoy - HERE - ''New York Review of Books''

"Crack the CIA" - documentary winner of the 2003 Sundance Online Film Festival

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Author Kerry Pither - Lecture and field comments on her book, " Dark Days "

Author Kerry Pither will lecture and field comments and questions on her much praised book, " Dark Days ".
Date: WEDNESDAY, September 16th, 2009
Time: 7:00 PM - Doors open at 6:45 pm
Place: Hintonburg Community Centre
1064 Wellington Street, Wellington Room Ground Floor,
(3 blocks west of Somerset)
Ottawa, Ontario
Free parking in the back of the community centre
Bus: No 2

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McGill psychology Barbara Shewin part of a ghostwriting scheme paid for by drug giant Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

McGill psychology professor Barbara Sherwin is the first Canadian implicated in an ongoing scandal in the United States, where court documents – unsealed recently after a successful motion by The New York Times and the journal PLoS Medicine – have lifted the veil on the extent of ghostwriting in the pharmaceutical industry.

(The Toronto Star, August 22, 2009 - "Canadian named in HRT scandal" - by Stuart Laidlaw)
Details on the implication of McGill Psychology Professor Barbara SheRwin in the scandal at article in The Medical Ethics Blog , TheStarBlogs ,published on August 22, 2009 HERE and at -
It was also a McGill University Professor, Psychiatrist Ewen Cameron,
who brainwashed unsuspected patients as part of his work with the CIA on brainwashing techniques using electroshock therapy, at the Allan Memorial, which is associated with McGill University. His grisly methods and CIA funding are detailed in the book by John Marks (1979), "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" and the later book, "In The Sleep Room: The Story of the CIA Brainwashing Experiments."

Although McGill bio sketch managed not to mention Dr. Cameron's involvement in the MKULTRA human experiments, (here - [retrieved August 22, 2009]), his horrendous experiments are too important to forget.
The following video is a BBC Scottish documentary on Ewen Cameron, Professor of Psychiatry at McGill and director of the then newly-created Allan Memorial Institute :


"Cut and paste" of a very informative re-print at the Invictus Blog (here)

By Armen Victorian

July 1996
DEDICATION: I dedicate this writing to those innocent victims who have suffered from physical, mental abuse and torture inflicted upon their mind and bodies by the state -- irrespective of the colour of the flag. To the courageous individuals for telling the world about their torment. And the institutions that stood by their side and fought for their human rights. Rights, which are still violated by states under the disguise of their national security acts. No amount of compensation would be sufficient for raping or killing the mind.

The notorious Moscow trials of 1937 during Stalin's regime and the speed with which the defendants confessed to crimes against the state in the People's Court, and in particular Cardinal Mindszently of Hungary, surprised the governments of the western world. "Characteristics and manner of the defendants, and formulation and delivery of the confessions, have been so similar in large number of cases as to suggest factitious origin."[1] The evident incongruities prompted the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) in 1949 to undertake an "analysis of foreign work in certain unconventional warfare techniques, including behavioral drugs, with an initial objective of developing a capability to resist or offset the effects of behavioral drugs. Preliminary phases included to review drug-related work at institutions such as Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Valley Forge General Hospital, Detroit Psychopathic Clinic, Mayo Clinic and National Institute of Health (NIH). There was also extensive review of foreign literature, particularly work in the Soviet Bloc.

"This program shortly became Project BLUEBIRD, with the objectives of (a) discovering means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means, (b) investigating the possibility of obtaining control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques, (c) memory enhancement, and (d) establishing defensive means for preventing hostile control of Agency personnel."[2]

This was evolved to become the blueprint and bible of mind control programmes and psychological operations adopted by the west for decades afterwards. The result of the Korean War which started in June 1950, almost a year after the beginning of Project BLUEBIRD, and the return of POWs encouraged western intelligence to delve even further into their mind control programmes.

On June 1st, 1951, in the course of a top secret meeting held in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montreal, Canada, Britain and Canada joined forces with the Central Intelligence Agency to "Research into the general phenomena indicated by such terms as -- "confessions," "menticide," "intervention in the individual mind," together with methods concerned in psychological coercion, change of opinions and attitudes, etcetra."[3]

The participants that represented senior and renown ranks from the military, intelligence and scientific communities were:
Dr. Haskins, Dr. Donald Hebb (a Defence Research Board University Advisor - Canada), Dr. Ormond Solandt (Chairman, Defence Research Board - Canada), Dancy (MI6), Dr. N.W. Morton (A staff member of Defence Research Board - Canada), Tyhurst, Commander Williams, and Sir Henry Tizard (Chairman, Advisory Council on Scientific Policy and Defence Research Policy Committee, Ministry of Defence, Britain).[4]

This was the beginning of a close cooperation which lasted throughout the BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and the MKULTRA projects. Whilst accidental survival of some of the records on these programmes and in particular MKULTRA establishes the documentary evidence about Canadian government's involvement in MKULTRA programmes, the information on Britain's participation or cooperation due to continuous British Government's policy of secrecy remains sketchy.[5, and 6]

"At the opening of the discussion, there was an attempt to lay out some of the particular interests with which this group might concern itself in reference to the general problem described above [confessions, menticide, intervention in the individual mind - sic]. In this regard, the following points were noted:

"(i) That the concern with change of opinion was with reference to individuals primarily, and to groups only insofar as the change of public opinion as a whole or propaganda might involve concepts and particular facts that led to increased phenomena of conversion of attitude.

"(ii) The question of permanence of change of attitude induced.

"(iii) The means of methods; physical, neurophysiological, psychological or other -- that might be used to induce change of opinion or conversion of attitude in the individual."[7]

Within the space of three months after this top secret meeting "in August 1951 Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE, [and] in 1952 was transferred from OSI to the predecessor organization of the Office of Security. OSI did retain a responsibility for evaluation of foreign intelligence aspects of the matter and in 1953 made a proposal that experiments be made in testing LSD with Agency volunteers." "Meanwhile, the emphasis given ARTICHOKE in the predecessor organization to the Office of Security became that of use of material such as sodium pentothel in connection with interrogation techniques and with polygraph."[8]

In an attempt to conduct "Experimental Studies of Attitude Changes in Individuals," Sir Henry Tizard, Dr. Ormond Solandt and the CIA granted contract X-38 to Dr. Donald O. Hebb from the McGill University in September 1951.[9]

The project focused on the use of Sensory Deprivation (SD) and isolation for eliciting information in the course of deep interrogation. Hebb believed that sensory deprivation would induce dramatic changes in the behaviour and attitude. The first "subjects used were student group and each was paid $20 per day (24 hours) for as long as he could continue with the experiment."[10] The experimental conditions and environment for the volunteer students in comparison to the real victims of SD were markedly different. Volunteers were provided with an air conditioned room, comfortable bed and good food during the period of the experiments, as well as a panic button to use whenever they decided to terminate the experiment. They wore translucent goggles, forcing them see blurred light. "The subject was not to talk except when asking to hear the recorded propaganda or when doing minor tests given to him by the experimenter. In other words the subject was in perpetual isolation."[11] The volunteers were not subjected to any propaganda material which would have had adverse effects on their political or religious beliefs, "it was thought unwise, and for the protection of the individual only propaganda material used concerning such relatively innocuous topics as ghosts, poltergeist, extrasensory perception and the Lamarckian theory of evolution."[12]

Despite the concessionary factors several of the volunteers began to have experiences of unusual visual and auditory hallucinations. Many found themselves unable to distinguish between the waking and sleep stage. Another person whose work result was taken into consideration was Dr. Mackworth of the Applied Psychology Unit of the Medical Research Council at Cambridge, England. He had produced work on the effect of monotony and boredom during isolation period on individual. The fact of existence of similar programmes on the sensory deprivation and isolation, and the cooperation between the three countries is further confirmed by Dr. Solandt's comments that the fact that Canadians were making such contribution in this field may be of some advantage in obtaining information in the same field from the US and the UK.[13]

"Hebb's research to date has given some indication that significant changes in attitude can be brought about by use of propaganda under condition of isolation. In addition, [Hebb] has shown that there is a significant decrease in intellectual efficiency under such conditions, and a marked increase in susceptibility to hallucination."[14] When the information concerning the SD tests were leaked out and published in the Montreal Star, the Gazette and Toronto Star, in 1954. Dr. Solandt tried his best to conceal the facts; "When earlier this month it became evident that some information on this project was in the hands of the Press, it was decided that while it would be injudicious to reveal the original purpose of the project, it would be equally unwise to refuse to give any information at all. A compromise was therefore arranged whereby the project was described, but entirely from the point of view of possible implications for civilian or military operational situations in which a display had to be watched, a moving vehicle controlled etc."[15]

Due to Donald Hebb's contribution to mind control programmes, the CIA afterward funded Ewen Cameron's Psychic Drive Project through MKULTRA Subproject 68. At the time Hebb was the head of McGill's Psychology Department, and a close friend and colleague of Cameron. Cameron's work in the "Psychic Drive" programme left behind a legacy of despair and numerous victims which sued both the Canadian Government and the CIA years later.

Dr. John C. Lilly, another psychologist, studied sensory deprivation in 1956 by immersing volunteers in a tank of lukewarm water. The subjects had to wear particular type of face mask enabling them to see only blurred light. Under total silence and lack of any stimulation the subjects were unable to concentrate, and in some cases developed mental disturbances. The maximum time a volunteer could tolerate these conditions was only three hours. The volunteers reported feelings of unreality and tremendous loss of identification. They did not know where they were, or who they were, or what was happening to them. Due to this enormous mental pressure most of them abandoned the experiment.[16]

The concept of experiments in SD soon proliferated. Donald Hebb was granted further contracts by the US Air Force for further research and experiments into SD.[17] Biderman and Zimmer(1961) also conducted extensive research on interrogation techniques using SD, funded by the US Air Force.[18] Vernon, another researcher in this subject admitted in the "Acknowledgement" of his book "Inside the Black Room," "The entire project was made possible by a generous grant-in-aid of research given by the Office of Surgeon General of the US Army, and by the National Science Foundation." Unashamedly, he went on to add in his book "While our goal is pure knowledge for its own sake, we have no objection to someone's use of that knowledge."[19]

There are three aspects in the development and the use of the Sensory Deprivation. First; the requirement for more experimental studies, researching the basic effects of the SD and sleep deprivation. Second; the use of these techniques in interrogation. Third; their utilization in special warfare techniques by specialized troops. It was the accumulation of that knowledge which gave birth to the modern Psychological Operations, and subsequently enabled the British Government, on August 9, 1971, to unleash one of its biggest deep interrogation experiments, using torture and sensory deprivation, plausibly denied by the Government at the time as a political exercise against terrorism, on Irish internees. Lord Parker admitted that the SD methods used on the Irish internees were "techniques developed since war to deal with a number of situations involving internal security. Some or all have played an important part in counterinsurgency operations in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya and Cyprus and more recently in the British Cameroon (1960-61), Bruni (1963), British Guyana (1964), Aden (1965-66), and the Persian Gulf (1970-71)."[20] Indeed, the first NATO symposium on defence psychology was held in Paris in 1960, a couple of years after F.H. Lakin, from the Army Operation Research Establishment in Britain, travelled to Fort Bragg addressing a conference on human factors in military affairs on British Psychological Warfare Techniques in Malaya.[21] In 1963 the US Department of Defense held its first Worldwide Psyops Conference, outlining twenty-eight specific areas, Britain as on of its main participants.

The Northern Ireland's unprecedented operations, due to the nature of their severity and repeated breaches of various Articles of Human Rights Convention, forced Amnesty International, Association of Legal Justice, Committee on the Administration of Justice (Northern Ireland), as well as the European Court of Human Rights to intervene, adding their voice and concern to the plight of the victims.[22] A great number of internees after undergoing horrendous experiments were subsequently released without any charges.

Many of the original fourteen victims of the first phase of these gruesome experiments "were made to sign a paper that they had no complaints about the treatment during interrogation. Those who signed the paper implied that they did so because they were frightened, or because they did not understand the contents."[23] Several of them suffered from deep psychological scars for years afterwards, and some continue their suffering. Some died shortly after this experiments. A few attempted suicide during their captivity and interrogation.[24]

Amnesty International report stated; "As a result of its investigation, the Commission concludes that the ill-treatment used in these cases clearly amounted to brutality, and disagree with the Compton Committee when they state: "Where we have concluded that physical ill-treatment took place, we are not making a finding of brutality on the part of those who handled these complaints (paragraph 105)." "The officials who gave evidence to the Compton Committee also said that one of the purposes of the hooding and continuous noise [white noise - author] was to increase the sense of isolation, so it is obvious that the methods used during interrogation in depth were therefore intended to affect the recipients psychologically."[25]

"In the opinion of the Commission, the interrogation in depth especially, but also the "special exercises", constitute violation of Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 3 of the European Convention for the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms."[26]

In their memorandum submitted by Amnesty International to the Parker Committee on Interrogation Procedures, they stated; "It is because we regard the deliberate destruction of a man's ability to control his own mind with revulsion that we reserve a special place in our catalogue of moral crimes for techniques of thought control and brainwashing. Any interrogation procedure which has the purpose or effect of causing a malfunction or breakdown of a man's mental processes constitutes as grave as assault on the inherent dignity of the human person as more traditional techniques of physical torture."[27]

In 1970, the World Conference on Religion and Peace, held in Kyoto, Japan, where the representatives of all the world's religions were present, the conference made the following declaration on torture and ill-treatment of prisoners; "The torture and ill-treatment of prisoners which is carried out with the authority of some governments constitute not only a crime against humanity, but also a crime against the moral law."[28]

Britain is regarded as an expert in psychological operations, and has regularly been invited to give demonstrations and hold seminars, notably at Fort Bragg, Carolina; Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Bad Tolz, Germany. For a time they were also instructing the P.I.D.E. Portuguese secret police until to their embarrassment, they discovered that since the Army coup they had for sometime been giving lectures in counter-insurgency and torture to Latin American guerrillas, whom Communist members of the Portuguese Army had infiltrated.[29]

Britain holds its main psychological operation courses at Ashford in Kent, Caterrick in Yorkshire, Bradbury Lines (The SAS camp in Hereford) and Old Sarum in Wiltshire, where psyops courses for RAF officers are held. On average 16 men, consisting of Green Jackets, SAS, Royal Marines and Royal Artillery, together with members from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), take part.[30]

The existence of psyop courses which includes the demonstration and the use of sensory deprivation was kept secret until Robert Brown, the UK Army Minister was forced to admit in 1976. Approximately 250 take these courses every year. Frank Kitson,[31] one of the organizers of psyop courses, had complained about the small number of 18 taking part in Old Sarum. According to British Government figures up to 1976, 262 civilians and 1858 Army officers had taken these courses.

The SAS training courses in the Bracon Beacons, also includes sensory deprivation as part of its toughening up policy.

As further experiments Sensory deprivation was applied through the Control Units in British prisons. The very nature and existence of these units were kept secret by the British Home Office. The Control Unit at the Wakefield Prison was one of the first to receive its first share of inmates in August 1974, to be subjected to SD. The concept was to break down the troublesome prisoners using modified version of SD. Sunday Times Insight Team uncovered the existence of these units and the purpose of their creation, in October 1974. As result of publicity and sever criticism UK Government was forced to disband its Control Units in Wakefield and Wormwood Scrubs prisons. The "Treatment" designed for a period of six months was divided into two parts. Sensory deprivation was the main focal point. In the first 90 days, a strict solitary confinement, with almost no communication was applied to the inmate. If result proved successful, the victim was allowed to have a limited amount of communication in the next three months phase. Otherwise, the entire phase one would have been repeated -- more solitary confinement. No conversation between the prisoner and the guards were allowed, only gestures were permitted.

John Masterson was the first inmate subjected to this "Treatment" in 1974. With no positive results, and more psychological scars left on the victims, eventually on May 20, 1976, Dr. Pickering, ex-Director of Prison Medical Service admitted in BBC's "Man Alive" programme, that "control units were a mistake." It is ironic, since he was in charge when John Masterson was subjected to this mental torture.

Roy Jenkins, the Home Secretary at the time expressed his satisfaction about these units and their operations. "I am satisfied that the safeguard and procedures are such that the trained staff of Wakefield are able to maintain a careful and caring watch on the progress and condition of prisoners in the control unit."[32]

A year after he was still adamant that; "I am satisfied that allegations, which have received considerable publicity, of sensory deprivation, cruelty and brutality in the unit, are completely unfounded and that the Governor and staff have conducted themselves in a commendably professional manner."[33] Yes, but what about the fate of the victims?

What started in Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1951, came to full fruition in 1971, throughout the ordeal of Ulster guinea pigs. As Professor Robert Daly[34] stressed; "The whole SD process in Northern Ireland was a package deal. Being awaken in the middle of the night, being beaten, confused as to your whereabouts, lied to and insulted, was all part of the 'unfreezing process' through which your psychological defences were broken down, and terror and humiliation were induced. Hence, the photographing in the nude, being forced to urinate while running, refusal to allow toilet visits, the sadism and abuse. Meanwhile the psychological functions of the body were being disturbed by the very low or non-existent intake of calories, high temperature caused by sweating which could lead to dehydration, coupled with the cold at night, sleep deprivation and loss of sense of touch. The whole experience was a package. Whether you want to call it interrogation in depth or brain washing is academic. The aim of the treatment was to cause temporary psychosis, temporary insanity, which was a severe psychological injury liable to having lasting consequences."[35]

Like the CIA, Britain too, as part of its mind control operation applied hallucinogenic drugs -- LSD, on unwitting subjects, including the Irish internees;

"Mr. Murphy alleges; He was given tea and says that after drinking he saw images on the wall."[36] "Mr. Bradley alleges; He suffered from hallucination after drinking a cup of tea."[37]

Despite Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which guarantees "the free development of ...personality," and "in spite of the various United Nations provisions concerning the personal integrity of individuals, no state is expressly precluded from altering the mental processes of its nationals."[38]

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance," said Albert Camus. Nowhere is this more clear than in the protection of freedom of the mind, our most precious human right.[39]

Armen Victorian

June 1996.


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Permission is given to reproduce and redistribute, for non-commercial purposes only, provided this information and the copy remain intact and unedited.

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All "cut and past" from Invictus Blog , August 16, 2009 - HERE

"For further information, see also Dr. Victorian's essay, Mind Controllers. Armen Victorian was the pseudonym for a colorful British character, born in Soviet Armenia, Habib (Henry) Azadehdel. Azadehdel was apparently involved in the UFO community and was an orchid smuggler. Whatever or whomever he actually was, most agree he was a successful user of FOIA, and gathered a wealth of information. Whatever he thought about the theories behind the data, he was not really a conspiracy theorist, and as you can see above, relied mostly on the facts to speak for themselves.

Xe Services and US Training Center are actually the same mercenary "Blackwater", Erik Prince's Army

Is Erik Prince, Blackwater's owner, going to eliminate Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe ??? 

Two former Blackwater employees alleged in sworn statements filed in federal court said that , Erik Prince, “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe"...
More on scandal-plagued mercenary firm Blackwater which now does business as Xe Services and US Training Center at :

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder 



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CIA Hires Blackwater for Torture, Assassinations

THE AMERICAN WAY: DENIABILITY - handing people to the Syrians or the Egyptians or others and saying: - 'We're not torturing people.

Article: The Nation Magazine - August 20, 2009 - Blackwater: CIA Assassins? by Jeremy Scahill - [retrieved August 20, 2009]


WITNESS - Dignity, Re-Victimization, Consent, and Security


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"The US claims to be the land of democracy. Everything I experienced assures me they know nothing of humanity and decency."
Sami al-Laithi, former Guantanamo detainee released with no charges

More at:
CAGE PRISONERS - The Most Comprehensive list of Detainees identified by now



U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth has ruled that as many as six CIA officials committed fraud in order to protect an agent from a lawsuit.

Article published Tuesday. July 21, 2009 - by Alex Koppelman

"Lamberth also referred Jeffrey Yeates, a CIA attorney, for disciplinary action stemming from the suit, which was brought by a former agent at the Drug Enforcement Agency. Lamberth has delayed action until he determines if any of five others – including former CIA Director George Tenet – should face contempt charges or sanctions"

On Judge Royce Lamberth

IN CANADA: Federal Court Judge Simon Noël

Credibility of CSIS questioned - Federal Court Judge Simon Noel

June 2009 - Credibility of CSIS questioned

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Braidwood Inquiry - Conducted energy weapons (Tasers) - Rule of Law

Police officer Tasered a 37-year-old Mom in front of her children during a routine traffic stop - The escalation of use of conducted energy weapons (like Tasers)
Will Conducted energy weapons (Tasers) open the doors so that torture can happen anywhere , anytime, to anyone?

Hopefully the recommendations of Honourable Thomas R. Braidwood (BC Braidwood Inquiry) will apply to the entire country, regardless the pressure to make the country "side" with the brutal practices in any "lawless banana republic" (south of the border) ...
Canadian (BC) Braidwood Inquiry Report (HERE and HERE)

Description of the full incident HERE


Contractor's Website Reveals Clandestine CIA Programs - by Dr. R. J. Hillhouse author of the book: "The Spy Who Billed Me" - Feb 19, 2009 [retrieved August 16, 2009] - HERE

Her Blog:

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The History of top-secret CIA mind control operation MK-ULTRA:
from the covert importation of NAZI scientists at the end of WWII,
to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted in Canada by psychiatric researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron

[Internet Archives - retrieved August 15, 2009 - HERE]

Former interrogator in Military prisons in Iraq describes what he saw and what he did

Eric Fair, A former contract interrogator in USM prisons in Iraq discusses his role in USM interrogations in Iraqi prisons.

"Torture and the American Psyche: Blurring the Boundaries Between Healers and Interrogators"

The role being played by psychologists in the planning of the Torture Program and their ties to Military and Intelligence agencies:



"They are chosen by God, regardless of how brutal they are."

“THE FAMILY” of the “New Chosen”


"Unlike other Christian right groups, they don’t really believe that you’re in power because you’re a good person.They believe that they are the “new chosen,” that you’re chosen for power by God. And when you’re in that position, it doesn’t matter what you do." "They are chosen by God, regardless of how brutal they are. "

“The Family” Membership and "The Senators ":
The Family’s devoted membership includes Congress members, corporate leaders, generals, foreign heads of state, dictators, christians or not. The longtime leader, Doug Coe, was included in Time Magazine’s 2004 list of the twenty-five most influential evangelicals in America.
Among the members of "The Family":

Senator John Ensign of Nevada
Mark Sanford South Carolina Governor
Chip Pickering former Mississippi Congress member
All three of them, “non ordinary” “chosen” men who have been embroiled in recent sex scandals.

“The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”
Jeff Sharlet, after years of research, published the book : “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”. He is a contributing editor for Harper’s and Rolling Stone and a visiting research scholar at the New York University Center for Religion and Media.

"The Family”- HEADQUARTER at “C Street House”

It’s worth about $5 million. They bought it with money supplied for them in part by the former CEO of the defense contractor Raytheon.

( Raytheon - One of Raytheon's more secretive subsidiaries was/is E-Systems, whose major clients have historically been the CIA and other spy agencies like the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office

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New York Times article about Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell, two military retirees and psychologists with no expertise on al-Qaeda, no foreign language skills, no experience in real interrogations, and with no relevant degrees ("...their Ph.D. dissertations were on high blood pressure and family therapy")....but "scientists" - The Torture Designers

US’s endless War of Terror WAR PROFITEERS CARD DECK

Military retired brass? Position available for "war criminals" - top-shelf mercenaries (HERE)

Know Your War Profiteers - Get the Deck

US' s War
of Terror against the world --whether in Iraq, Colombia, Afghanistan, or the USA--is about subjugation, resource extraction, and opening markets: a practice once referred to more honestly as colonialism.

earn about the world's inner circle of modern day Conquistadors without missing their Friday night poker game.

More and to get the Card Deck, visit:

Corp Watch :

CARDS Include:
- Export Credit Agencies - ECAs might just be the dirtiest secrets of globalization. See also
United States Agency for International Development (USAID). (HERE)

- K. Rupert Murdoch - Chairman and CEO, News Corporation Ltd.- The owner of Fox "News" used the invasion of Iraq to propel shock-jock
heights. Even CNN propagandists have been heard
muttering, "this is going too far." (HERE)
and more

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Torture Team : Deception, Cruelty and the Compromise of law - Philippe Sands

CONVERSATION WITH PHILIPPE SANDS, Professor of International Law at the University College London , author of "Torture Team : Deception, Cruelty and the Compromise of Law" (2008)

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes international lawyer Philippe Sands for a discussion of Bush administration policies regarding international law. Sands analyzes the evolution of international law from the Atlantic Charter to the present. Drawing on research in his two books, "Lawless World," and "Torture Team : Deception, Cruelty and the Compromise of Law" (2008). Sands details the role of a cadre of senior lawyers in the Bush administration who disregarded international law and facilitated the implementation of a torture regime. In tracing the path of the notorious Rumsfeld memo which approved 18 methods of interrogation of detainees, Sands offers a chilling indictment of the practices and processes of the Bush Administration as it waged its war on terror. He concludes that war crimes may have been committed after 911 and that key players in the administration were guilty of violating the Geneva Conventions and the Torture Treaty and are subject to charges not only in the court of world opinion but also in tribunals invoking universal jurisdiction.

More by Philippe Sands:

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American Orwellian "TORTURE "

The American euphemistic political language that distorts reality and prevents "THOUGHT"

From "War on Terror" to "enhanced interrogation tecnique" -
(and some on Torture to extract false Confessions to justify War)

A Dramatic Reading of George Orwell's Classic Work 1984
Interspersed With Clips From George Bush and Others
The Orwellian Language:

"The T
wo Georges, Orwell and Bush" - (aired June 2003 -

"The adjective Orwellian describes the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free society. It connotes an attitude and a policy of control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past, including the "unperson" — a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments. Often, this includes the circumstances depicted in his novels, particularly Nineteen Eighty-Four."

Listen to Geoge Orwell 1984 - Audio Book at: Internet Archive HERE

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On June 24, 2009 , CIA Director Leon Panetta's gave an emergency briefing disclosing some information about the CIA's Hit Squads Program. He said he canceled the program after learning about it ...

Who believes in this when experts say:

"there is "considerable evidence" that Donald Rumsfeld, during his tenure as Secretary of Defense, instituted an "executive assassination ring."
(Michael Brenner, an international relations professor at the University of Pittsburgh - National Journal - July 20, 2009 HERE)

The Hit Squads were/are ready to operate in the friendly countries:

"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was exploring what Special Forces troops could do in friendly countries. The Pentagon developed a plan whose public name was "Military Liaison Elements," which would station abroad operatives drawn from Special Operations Command. Operatives were sent to embassies, but they worked, in effect, as "SOCOM attaches," performing nonlethal missions and not as hit teams, according to a knowledgeable official."


The long history of assassinations by the CIA is well documented, isn't it? In South America, in recent 70's and 80's , decison makers who were "inconvenient" to the American interests were frequently killed in car accidents or even in brutal bombings like the case of democratically elected Chilean president Salvador Allende....but these are probably "conspiracy theories" since the CIA and the American government have always denied being in the assassination business .

But if they are, is there any reason to believe that the CIA would not do the same in Canada? It looks like that not anymore...

Canadian politicians probably need to WATCH THEIR BACKS!

These are the news about the CIA "HIT TEAMS" that emerged recently. For sure this is just the tip of the iceberg and the news probably do NOT cover the full story. And considering that the "Hit Teams" were/ are in American Embassy's in "friendly countries", Canada, as a proud close friend, probably got THE BEST CIA's HIT SQUAD IN TOWN.


The Raw Story - July 20, 2009 : HERE

ANALYST: CIA hit squad explanation "strains credulity"
- "CIA may have killed 'on the soil of friendly countries"

The “hadn’t become fully operational” line has been utter hogwash from moment one. Teams like this get set up to be USED, not to hem and haw, waiting around for authorization or acceptance. The team was likely operational even before any paper went into the works.

..."assassinating the wrong person may be among the things lawmakers and government officials are trying to keep quiet."

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CCR and CCIJ call on Canada to Investigate Dr. Larry C. James for Possible Torture Complicity

Rights Groups Call on Canada to Investigate Guantanamo Psychologist for Possible Torture Complicity - Larry James

August 6th, 2009 | Related to Homepage, Press, The Psychologists

PHOTO: Dr. Larry James - U.S. Army colonel and psychologist Dr. Larry C. James, a former high-ranking advisor on interrogations. According to his own statements, Dr. James played an influential role in both the policy and day-to-day operations of interrogations and detention in Guantanamo.Publicly-available information suggests that while Dr. James was at Guantanamo in the spring of 2003, abuse in interrogations was widespread and cruel treatment was official policy.

CCR and CCIJ call on Canada to Investigate Dr. Larry C. James for Possible Torture Complicity

more at:


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Letter sent to Honourable Peter Van Loan - Investigation : War Crimes

Retired U.S. Army colonel and psychologist Dr. Larry C. James travelling to Canada in August 6 - 9, 2009.
Indications and documents why he should be investigated to determine
whether he was complicit in war crimes and/or torture.

(letter HERE - pdf file)

The Honourable Peter Van Loan

Department of Public Safety Canada
269 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P8
August 5, 2009
By fax: (613) 992-8351

Dear Minister Van Loan,
The Canadian Centre for International Justice and the Center for Constitutional Rights call on
you to launch an investigation to determine whether visitors to Canada were complicit in war
crimes and/or torture. Retired U.S. Army colonel and psychologist Dr. Larry C. James and
others may be traveling to Canada this week to attend the American Psychological Association
(APA) Convention in Toronto from August 6 to 9. Publicly-available information, summarized
in the attached appendix, indicates that Dr. James, formerly a high-ranking advisor on
interrogations for the U.S. military in Guantanamo Bay, should be investigated to determine
whether he was complicit in war crimes and/or torture. Faced with this information, the
Canadian government has the authority and duty to investigate whether Dr. James acted in
violation of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act and/or section 269.1 of the
Criminal Code.
We note that a Canadian national, Omar Khadr, was among those tortured in Guantanamo during
the time Dr. James was deployed as Chief Psychologist for the intelligence command at
Guantanamo. Khadr has alleged two specific incidents of abusive treatment during interrogation
in the spring of 2003, when Dr. James says he served at the detention facility.
The War Crimes Program, in which the Canadian government takes such rightful pride, is most
needed in situations like this one, in which there is “no reasonable prospect of fair and real
prosecution”1 in the country that would otherwise be most likely to assume jurisdiction. We
appeal to the Canadian government because the United States government, despite the change in
administration, has failed to take proper steps to investigate those in positions of military,
intelligence and political leadership who may have been involved in crimes in the so-called “War
on Terror.”
1 Department of Justice, Canada, War Crimes Program website,
html (last visited Aug. 5 2009).
Although the public has had difficulty gaining full access to all the relevant documentation,
Freedom of Information Act litigation and a U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee inquiry into
the treatment of detainees in U.S. custody2 have yielded documents that shed light on the role of
military intelligence psychologists. Additionally, Dr. James published his own account of his
involvement in a 2008 book titled, Fixing Hell: An Army Psychologist Confronts Abu Ghraib,3
which covered his first deployment to Guantanamo in 2003 as well as his subsequent deployment
to Iraq.
The publicly-available information from these documents shows that from January to May 2003,
Dr. James served as Chief Psychologist and a senior member of the Behavioral Science
Consultation Team (BSCT) of the Joint Intelligence Group at Guantanamo.4 According to Dr.
James’ own statements, outlined in the appendix, he played an influential role in interrogation
and detention policy, procedure and practices at Guantanamo during his deployment. In this
period, documents indicate that men and boys detained in Guantanamo were subjected to
interrogation tactics and conditions of detention that amounted to torture or other forms of cruel,
inhuman or degrading treatment.
We believe Dr. James is likely to attend the conference because he has been elected president of
the APA’s Division 19 for Military Psychology.5 We also suspect that other APA members who
may have had a role in abusive interrogations in Guantanamo, Afghanistan or Iraq may travel to
The publicly-available documentation provides sufficient information to warrant further
investigation about Dr. James and others who might attend the APA convention in Toronto. We
call on you to launch such an investigation, through the War Crimes Program, to determine if
sufficient evidence exists for action to be taken against them.
William Quigley Jayne Stoyles
Legal Director Executive Director
Center for Constitutional Rights Canadian Centre for International Justice
Cc: William J.S. Elliott, Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (by fax)
James Bray, President, American Psychological Association (by fax)


Beatings, religious and sexual humiliation, rape threats and painful body positions and more to make America safer ...

IS TORTURE A CRIME? What is the 'superior orders' defense? Interview with Peter Weiss

Pinky calls up international law expert Peter Weiss (Center for Constitutional Rights) and asks him:
  • "What is a Crime Against Humanity?"
  • "how a crime against humanity is different from a war crime?"
  • "What about the 'superior orders' defense?Torture?"
  • "The International Criminal Court (ICC)?"
Also the importance of ordinary people taking a stand on matters of international law; more!

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IN FEDERAL COURT in VIRGINIA, on August 3rd 2009:

Former employees of the private military contractor formerly known as Blackwater, filed sworn statements stating that
Erik Prince, Blackwater's owner and CEO, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. Blackwater now operates under the name "XE". The correct spell is "X- E" , not Shea .

One also alleges that Prince, quote, “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,” and that Prince’s companies, quote, “encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life.”

His latest article is online at



British Conservative MP stands up against a cover up and for the Rule of Law, as US threats to suppress evidence of CIA Torture

AMERICA and ALLIES :"The enhanced torture Program" IN THE WORLD's MODEL DEMOCRACIES

Torture for export, by proxy, for allies, with allies and no accountability: "Because We Can"




American Torture Program in action in Guantanamo
(some of the scenes are from the movie: "Road to Guantanamo")

Uploaded by al-zawra. - News videos from around the world.


"I knew that if I used the same methods of the Nazis that would get results"-
French General Paul Aussaresses

Khmer Rouge

Afghan Police , eyewitnesses in prosecution cases in Guantanamo, received Cash or Gifts From the U.S. Government to testify

From article published August 4, 2009 - The Washington Independent:

Maj. Gen. David Frakt, the lead military defense lawyer on the case of Jawad, the Afghan teenager held at Guantanamo Bay accused of throwing granades, said that his assistant in the case, Marine Corps Maj. Eric Montalvo, confirmed that the government’s key witnesses in the case admitted that they were paid or given gifts to testify.

"Maj. Gen. David Frakt said the witnesses seemed to expect the same from the defense lawyers. “They acknowledged it on tape,” Frakt said. “It was in the context of, ‘well, they gave me $400, what can you do for me?’”"

These witnesses were mostly Afghan police, said Maj. Gen. David Frakt.


Lead Military Lawyer Confirms Afghan Witnesses Said They Were Paid By U.S.

Military Lawyer Claims U.S. Paid Gitmo Prosecution Witnesses

More at The Guantanamo Blog - HERE

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"This is not about national security.This is about national embarrassment"

Essay by attorney H. Candance Gorman, who represents Guantanamo prisoners pro bono, published in the American Bar Association's Litigation Magazine.
"My experiences representing gitmo prisoners" - HERE

JURIST - Paper Chase: UK lawmakers urge inquiry into alleged torture complicity

UK lawmakers urge inquiry into alleged torture complicity
August 4, 2009 - Christian Ehret at 2:35 PM ET

The UK Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights [official website] released a report [text] Tuesday calling for an independent inquiry into allegations regarding government complicity in the torture of UK terrorism suspects in Pakistan and elsewhere. Maintaining that complicity in torture is a violation of international human rights obligations, the committee examined how complicity can be defined and reported a large number of "credible allegations" of such conduct. Examples set forth include asking foreign intelligence services known to use torture to question an individual, providing such agencies with information or questions regarding an individual, and systematically receiving information known or thought likely to have been obtained through torture. Additionally, the report states that the UK is complicit if they merely should have known that torture was taking place.


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He is above the Law, subjected to no oversight and HAS A CANTEEN to go..
(Lego toy on: arrogance,paranoia,criminal tendencies,no oversight"