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My People - by Yusuf (Cat Stevens)

The song was recorded in a studio close to the Berlin Wall which fell in 1989 paving the way for the unification of Germany and the collapse of communism in Europe.

Yusuf interview with Riz Khan on Al Jazeera, Feb 24, 2011:

1976 - Live


Stasi - East Germany's Secret Police

More on STATSI

Documentary by Christian Gierke - 60 min
Film Europa - Released January 18, 2008
Ref: ASIN :B0012S6396

The documentary
"STASI" was the largest secret police in those days. One in 50 adults in East Germany were collaborators of the Stasi.
Notorius for torture of dissents, disguised isolation camps, hidden bunkers, reconnaissance planes, eavesdropping stations and East Germany's secret execution site.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Elected Officials - a target for the "Owners of the Weather"

Report: U.S. Army Ordered Psy-Ops to Sway Lawmakers on Backing Afghan War

First Published by
Rolling Stone Magazine -By Michael Hastings - February 23, 2011
Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators"

Read the Article at:

Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone on the Story that Brought Down Gen. McChrystal and Exposed Widening Disputes Behind the US Debacle in Afghanistan

UPDATE : June 19, 2013
Journalist Michael Hastings Killed in Car Accident; A Look Back at His Interviews on Democracy Now!

Vigilants vs. Vigilants

Who is Raymond? The Raymond Incident (.. the one in Pakistan..)
On January 27, 2011, Raymond Allen Davis, a contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), killed two men in Lahore, Pakistan. A car coming to help him killed a third Pakistani man in a "hit and run" style.
By Rob Crilly, Islamabad 4:33PM GMT 22 Feb 2011

"Raymond Davis 'was acting head of CIA in Pakistan' A US intelligence agent arrested after shooting dead two men was the acting head of the CIA in Pakistan and had been gathering intelligence for drone attacks, according to intelligence sources."

The Guardian UK
"US gives fresh details of CIA agent who killed two men in Pakistan shootout"
US reveals that CIA agent Raymond Davis worked for private security firm Xe, formerly known as Blackwater
By Ewen MacAskill and Declan Walsh
The Guardian, Monday 21 February 2011 21.48 GMT

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Used to it?

CIA Spy (contractor) from Colorado goes abroad, lies, deceits and even kills civilians and "so what?"
Raymond A. Davis' story is apparently very unique since it would be abhorrent, to say the least , that CIA spies (and contractors) are authorized and even protected to do anything they feel like doing to, for and in these "weak countries".
On January 27, 2011, Raymond A. Davis , US national, shot dead two Pakistani civilians, Mohammad Faheem and Faizan Haider, on a busy Lahore thoroughfare, whom he claims were were about to rob him.

(The Guardian UK - by Declan Walsh - Feb 20 2011 )
As a vehicle from the US consulate in Lahore tried to rescue Davis, it hit and killed a third person, Ebadur Rehman.
Davis shot the two men through his windshield with his 9mm Glock pistol and he even admitted that he fired at Faizan from the back.
After the shooting, Davis is alleged to have exited his car to take pictures and videos of his victims with his cell phone.
Davis attempted to escape the scene of the shooting in his vehicle but was apprehended by two traffic wardens and handed over to police.
On February 6, 2011, CNN reported that  Shumaila, the widow of Muhammad Faheem, committed suicide after taking poisonous pills. 
Widow of man shot by American commits suicide in Pakistan
By Reza Sayah, CNN
February 6, 2011 8:44
According to hospital sources, Shumaila said: - "I was under shock". And she stated that she took poison because she was not expecting justice in Raymond Davis case and she feared Davis could be released without trial. After taking the poison pills she was rushed to the hospital but died on the same day.
On April 30, 2012, CNN reported that relatives of man killed by Davis were found dead:
"Relatives of man killed by CIA contractor found dead"
From Shaan Khan, CNN
updated 9:20 AM EDT, Mon April 30, 2012
On February 20, The Guardian UK broke the news that Raymond is a CIA spy.
Raymond is not being charged with espionage. He has been charged with two counts of murder and one of illegal weapon possession.
At the end of the day, Raymond is a very fortunate man, a non ordinary one, for sure.
He has diplomatic immunity - American Diplomatic Immunity. And in these "weak countries" , it looks like that acts like his are just "international embarrassments" to overcome.
Fortunately, Canada, besides being no small mice, is not Pakistan! They would NEVER, EVER do such brutal unsophisticated kind of things here !


American Raymond Davis' police interview after shooting two Pakistanis dead - The Telegraph - UK -Feb 10, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

" Kids For Cash " - Pennsylvania Judicial kickbacks




Kids For Cash: Inside One of the Nation’s Most Shocking Juvenile Justice Scandals -

Feb 4, 2014 (update)

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February 2010 - One Year Ago

Rapists and murderer Russel Willians interviewed by OPP Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth on February 7, 2010:

See also post October 20, 2010

Requiem For a Dream - The music - Frodo's Journey

"...choose you this day whom ye will serve.." Joshua 24:15

LORD of THE RINGS - The Movie


Requiem For a Dream - The music - The journey as presented

Sara Goldfarb , the Red Dress and the Sadistic pathologic sick liers ...all kinds

Torture and destruction in a delusional sadistic context , as presented.
Performers, sadism, delusion, threats, death and more...all in one!


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing with Rape and walking away with it

"We are not in the business of rape !!" Really?

Friday, February 11, 2011

U.S. Chamber of Commerce plots against "opponents"

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has been working with “private security” and lobbying firms to attack and undermine "opponents".

The companies involved are, among others, Hunton and Williams, whose attorneys solicited private security firms HB Gary Federal, Palantir, and Berico Technologies (Team Themis collectively) to develop a sabotage campaign against certain "opponents".

The private spy company investigated members of the family, including children, of the so called U.S. Chamber of Commerce "opponents".

Aaron Barr, an executive at HB Gary Federal circulated emails and documents with personal lives details and even photos of the opponents' family including their children.

Details were revealed by one of the targets of the action -

In an email from Aaron Barr to Hunton & Williams attorney John Woods, he points out to the need of reducing exposure so that he won't be identified and shows how Woods and another fellow Hunton attorney Richard Wyatt are "vulnerable" in social media.

The three security companies - Palantir Technologies, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies - were also implicated in a plot to target the online whistleblower WikiLeaks and some of its prominent supporters

Full Article at

Omar Suleiman the torturer and friend of torture regimes

(Omar Suleiman was appointed vice president by recently resigned Egypt Dictator Hosni Mubarak)

In his memoir, My Story: The Tale of a Terrorist Who Wasn’t, Egyptian-born Australian citizen Mamdouh Habib tells about his torture by Omar Suleiman himself.

More on the Topic:

Suleiman: The CIA's man in Cairo - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Feb 7, 2011 - Al Jazeera English

Torture Confessions: "Tell Me What the Thruth Is !"

GOYA - 1746-1828

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes
(30 March 1746 – 16 April 1828)

Goya -

Los Caprichos
Goya -

- From the series "Disasters of War"
Goya - 1800-1805

"Qué hai que hacer mas? " (English: "What more can one do?" )
From the series "Disasters of War"

Goya - 1800-1805

Goya's Ghosts - The Movie


The Spanish Inquisition, the rape and torture of Ines, Goya's view on Torture: "People will confess to anything under torture"


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House of Commons Hearing: Briefing on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Canada - House of Commons

Hearing on Feb 8, 2011 - Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU) - Meeting 52

Briefing on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Click on the title above or visit:

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Canadian News from Egypt - 1957

Canadian Diplomat John Watkins Death under RCMP/CIA Interrogation - 1964
In 1964, under pressure from the chief of the American Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) counter-intelligence (CI) staff James Jesus Angleton, John Watkins, formerly Canadian Ambassador to the USSR, was secretly detained in a hotel in Montréal, Quebec by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the CIA under accusations of being an "agent of influence".
Watkins died during the interrogation but his official obituary, signed by an RCMP officer, claimed he suffered a heart attack during celebrations with friends.
It was only in 1980 that the RCMP, after continuous refusal to hand over the full report about Watkins death claiming "national security" reasons, finally admitted that Watkins had died under police interrogation in the Montréal hotel room. He was not an "agent of influence" and he was not a traitor.
Canadian Diplomat
Herbert Norman Death in Egypt - 1957
Previously, it was Watkins' fellow Canadian diplomat Herbert Norman who was accused by Americans of being a Communist and possibly a Soviet agent.

In 1957, while serving as Canada's ambassador to Egypt and under pressure by the accusations against him, Norman is said to have committed suicide.

The following CBC clip is the announcement of his death:

Canadian ambassador jumps to his death in Egypt

CBC Broadcast Date: April 4, 1957 - Canadian Diplomat Herbert Norman

Friday, February 4, 2011

Woman Abuser gets "National Security" Tools to Play with

A woman got stranded in Pakistan for three years after a man decided to rid himself of her by simply placing her, his wife, on a terrorist watch list.

As an agent at an UK Border Agency’s headquarter, he had top security clearance and access to the terrorist watch list.

His act was only detected, looks like, because he could not secure the complicity necessary to keep it protected from scrutiny and his personal vendetta came to light accidentaly after he applied for a promotion and a background check revealed that his wife was on the terrorist watch list.

More at:

WIRED - Threat Level - by Kim Zetter - Feb 3, 2011

Mail Online - by Steve Doughty - January 30, 2011

UK Immigration Matters - by Charles Kelly - February 1, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jewish prayers for Egypt's uprising

Jewish prayers for Egypt's uprising
Many Jews from around the world support Egyptian self-determination because of Judaism's own historic past with Egypt.
Rabbi Michael Lerner - Tikkun Synagogue in Berkeley, California

Full text:

Egypt Updates from Al Jazeera English: Live Stream

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Accomplices to Criminal activities Infiltrated in the Police Force .. in Texas

Crime Stoppers Coordinator: getting the calls, getting the tips, getting the money

Dallas Police Officer Charged With Stealing From Crime Stoppers « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth