Sunday, November 21, 2010

Only for Humans: "Smultronstället"

" Wild Strawberries" ("Smultronstället") - Ingmar Bergman's Movie - 1957

"So it struck me - what if you could make a film about this; that you just walk up in a realistic way and open a door, and then you walk into your childhood, and then you open another door and come back to reality, and then you make a turn around a street corner and arrive in some other period of your existence, and everything goes on, lives." - Ingmar Bergman - 1957

(Part 1/15 to Part 15/15)

At the end of the day, the so called "extracted memories" , those gotten through torture, threats and rape of a human being, distorted and manipulated as they are, belong to the torturers and rapist themselves, to fuel their sadism and arrogance and to be used in their fabricated lies and delusions of power.

They don't belong to the human beings they victimize and are far away from the truth that is reserved to those who can recognize the holiness and Dignity of any human being, those to whom "dignity" is not just a bunch of letters in a billboard or script.

For those "image makers", torturers and rapists, the "dignity performers", goes what belongs to them: the fables they need to justify their brutality and shameless, promiscuous and corrupt mentality. “Damn right.”