Monday, September 2, 2013


" You won’t be raped, you might enjoy it ! "

Colonialist powers and acts of a sexualized violence, such as rape by institutions, enacted through individuals : " the intention is that of objectifying one human being, "treating them merely as things, or body-objects with no legitimate access to the future” (Marso, 2012). 

Technology then and now, in rape as well, is part of the tools of the master's house,  the preservers of Colonial Powers.  

The Case of Djamila Boupacha  

Rape, today as in the past, used technology to "improve" results. In the case of Djamila, the shock machine, beer bootles , "hands" and handles were all "good technology of rape".

 Documentary: "Pour Djamila"  by Caroline Huppert 

The documentary is  Djamila's  account of the torture and rape with the so called  "good technology" ; technology so good, torturers say, that "it looks like magic". The documentary It includes state torturers and rapist statements to her before they "gave her pleasure" :   "You won’t be raped, you might enjoy it" 

Djamila Bouhirad - le film de Youcef Chahine

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