Sunday, July 5, 2020

Desk Professionals: Technology Standards and Standards development process

 Standards and Compatibility DO matter

"Desk-professionals" are always involved in planning and organizing any project.

So is the case of "desk murderers" like  Adolf Eichmann. The "desk professionals" who were in fact "desk murderers" as Hannah Arendt described them years later,  were the ones in offices, in conferences, seminars, companies...Those who planned and organized the Holocaust without taking part in killings personally.

The "system works", only if a network of industry and technology experts are actively involved - this was well known by the Regime.

Technology experts, standards, recommended practices and secrecy are fundamental pieces of the game. It was then as it it now.

Many Nazi technocrats participated and appreciated the opportunity of "giving a hand"supporting and creating standards, solid standards.

Among them was Karl Fritzsch. As today's "tech consultants", desk professionals in the Nazi System had important and almost "divine" roles.

As Eichmann, Karl was "just a bureaucrat" (later a "desk criminal") 

According to Rudolph Hoss, Karl Fritzsch, a technocrat, was the one who first suggested using poisonous gas for the purpose of mass murder.

By the way... Karl's name appears in many minutes of meetings, events and on but where is KARL?

Karl Fritzsch? His final fate remains unknown.

"The gloves are off"

                            Bronze mold of the gloves with which Eichmann was captured

                               Technology left behind:               
  Thousands of empty poison gas canisters used to kill in the
 "high tech" gas chambers - found in Auschwitz at the end of World War II