Saturday, October 31, 2009

The "invisivel threats" : The Language of rapists and their accomplices on the case of Military Mother raped in Iraq in 2008

Military Mom Says She Was Brutally Raped in Iraq

Dawn Leamon told her story on Capitol Hill today.


Her description of "theater scenes " by contractors to silently intimidate her is presented in the Senate Hearing of April 9, 2008. 

Intimidation scenes were aired on CBC News, April 2008. KBR contracts threaten her just with "visual advises"

 Dawn Leamon, who has two sons on active duty in Iraq.


She told her horrific story to members of the American Congress on April 9, 2008 at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: 

Leamon told the Committee that she was raped in early 2008 by a U.S. soldier and a KBR(U.S. contractor Kellogg Brown Root) colleague while she was working in Iraq. 


Leamon says KBR then assigned full-time security guards to her which gave her no privacy to talk about the incident, and her movements around camp were restricted, yet her attackers' movements were unrestricted. She also talked about the harassment she was subjected to and the photo of one of the "scenarios" of the "harassment language" was presnted at the hearing. The video can be seen at ABC NEWS HERE: 

In Her Own Words: Raped in Iraq