Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Constant Gardener Trust

The Constant Gardener Trust (HERE) was established in 2004 soon after the filming of The Constant Gardener near Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.

The film is based on the John le Carré novel of the same name. It deals with the issues of international politics, unethical breach of human rights, corporate murder , cover-ups and the conspiracies with secret services.

Carré writes in the book's afterword:
"'by comparison with the reality, my story is as tame as a holiday postcard".
The book is dedicated to Yvette Pierpaoli, a French activist who died during the course of her aid work.
In Kibera and Loiyangalani, the situation of the inhabitants affected the crew so much it decided to set up the Trust in order to give thanks to the community for their help during filming.
“So who has got away with murder? Not, of course, the British government. They merely covered up, as one does, the offensive corpses. Though not literally. That was done by person or persons unknown. So who has committed murder? Not, of course, the highly respectable firm of KDH Pharmaceutical, which has enjoyed record profits this quarter… and has now licensed ZimbaMed of Harare…. to continue testing Dypraxa in Africa. No, there are no murders in Africa. Only regrettable deaths. And from those deaths we derive the benefits of civilization, benefits we can afford so easily… because those lives were bought so cheaply.” -closing lines from ‘The Constant Gardener’ (2005)