Sunday, May 23, 2010

Army’s Hallucinogenic Weapons Unveiled - “Agent Buzz” - odorless and invisible, and there is currently no means of detecting it.

As more and more indications emerge that hallucinogenics have been used in the "torture program", an article worth reading:
"Army’s Hallucinogenic Weapons Unveiled"
by Sharon Weinberger - April 6, 2007 - WIRED - Danger Room

"Advocates of using chemical agents in nonlethal warfare are increasing, making now a good time to start reviewing the historical record. A recently published book on the Army’s infamous "Edgewood Experiments" involving hallucinogenic agents like LSD may help shed more light on the debate. The infamous CIA work, MK ULTRA, is often considered synonymous with all government LSD experimentation. But the historical record is far more complex."


More on the use of hallucinogenic chemical weapon BZ or "Agent Buzz":
"Agent Buzz was tested between 1959 to 1975 on some twenty-eight hundred US soldiers at several locations. It proved extremely effective as an incapacitant. The physical effects are increased heart rates, pupil dilation, blurred vision, dry skin and mouth, increased temperature, and flushing of skin – as a med school mnemonic has it “blind as a bat, dry as a bone, hot as Hades, red as a beet.”