Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Used to it?

CIA Spy (contractor) from Colorado goes abroad, lies, deceits and even kills civilians and "so what?"
Raymond A. Davis' story is apparently very unique since it would be abhorrent, to say the least , that CIA spies (and contractors) are authorized and even protected to do anything they feel like doing to, for and in these "weak countries".
On January 27, 2011, Raymond A. Davis , US national, shot dead two Pakistani civilians, Mohammad Faheem and Faizan Haider, on a busy Lahore thoroughfare, whom he claims were were about to rob him.

(The Guardian UK - by Declan Walsh - Feb 20 2011
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/feb/20/cia-agent-lahore-civilian-deaths?intcmp=239 )
As a vehicle from the US consulate in Lahore tried to rescue Davis, it hit and killed a third person, Ebadur Rehman.
Davis shot the two men through his windshield with his 9mm Glock pistol and he even admitted that he fired at Faizan from the back.
After the shooting, Davis is alleged to have exited his car to take pictures and videos of his victims with his cell phone.
Davis attempted to escape the scene of the shooting in his vehicle but was apprehended by two traffic wardens and handed over to police.
On February 6, 2011, CNN reported that  Shumaila, the widow of Muhammad Faheem, committed suicide after taking poisonous pills. 
Widow of man shot by American commits suicide in Pakistan
By Reza Sayah, CNN
February 6, 2011 8:44

According to hospital sources, Shumaila said: - "I was under shock". And she stated that she took poison because she was not expecting justice in Raymond Davis case and she feared Davis could be released without trial. After taking the poison pills she was rushed to the hospital but died on the same day.
On April 30, 2012, CNN reported that relatives of man killed by Davis were found dead:
"Relatives of man killed by CIA contractor found dead"
From Shaan Khan, CNN
updated 9:20 AM EDT, Mon April 30, 2012
On February 20, The Guardian UK broke the news that Raymond is a CIA spy.
Raymond is not being charged with espionage. He has been charged with two counts of murder and one of illegal weapon possession.
At the end of the day, Raymond is a very fortunate man, a non ordinary one, for sure.
He has diplomatic immunity - American Diplomatic Immunity. And in these "weak countries" , it looks like that acts like his are just "international embarrassments" to overcome.
Fortunately, Canada, besides being no small mice, is not Pakistan! They would NEVER, EVER do such brutal unsophisticated kind of things here !


American Raymond Davis' police interview after shooting two Pakistanis dead - The Telegraph - UK -Feb 10, 2011