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Canadian News from Egypt - 1957

Canadian Diplomat John Watkins Death under RCMP/CIA Interrogation - 1964
In 1964, under pressure from the chief of the American Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) counter-intelligence (CI) staff James Jesus Angleton, John Watkins, formerly Canadian Ambassador to the USSR, was secretly detained in a hotel in Montréal, Quebec by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the CIA under accusations of being an "agent of influence".
Watkins died during the interrogation but his official obituary, signed by an RCMP officer, claimed he suffered a heart attack during celebrations with friends.
It was only in 1980 that the RCMP, after continuous refusal to hand over the full report about Watkins death claiming "national security" reasons, finally admitted that Watkins had died under police interrogation in the Montréal hotel room. He was not an "agent of influence" and he was not a traitor.
Canadian Diplomat
Herbert Norman Death in Egypt - 1957
Previously, it was Watkins' fellow Canadian diplomat Herbert Norman who was accused by Americans of being a Communist and possibly a Soviet agent.

In 1957, while serving as Canada's ambassador to Egypt and under pressure by the accusations against him, Norman is said to have committed suicide.

The following CBC clip is the announcement of his death:

Canadian ambassador jumps to his death in Egypt

CBC Broadcast Date: April 4, 1957 - Canadian Diplomat Herbert Norman