Thursday, August 20, 2020

"Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims", lawyer says

Was from August 19 to August 25 - Montreal  2020

CBC Documentaries - The Fifth State


A link to  :  Allan Memorial Institute Experiments Class Action

The history of illegal CIA/Canadian governement human experiments and its ties to McGill University in Montreal. 


Also called the CIA mind control program, MK Ultra is the codename given to an illegal Canadian/American program that included a number of illegal human experiments, in the style of Nazi experiments.

 Documents : 


                             "  I will delete your memory! "

("Laura Silly", John Shea Insurance , Ottawa,CA)

Donald Ewen Cameron, a medical doctor, director of the Allan Memorial Institute, affiliated with McGill University, was a leading figure in the illegal program. Hundreds of U.S. and Canadian citizens were unwitting test subjects. Did the "family" at Shea replaced him?


 (statement by a "Laura Silly" whoever , a "scientist" employed at an Insurance brokerage in Ottawa, Canada????????  She kicks ass!! )

The brutality of participants in illegal human experiments of MK-Ultra, perpetrators  that Robert J. Lifton describes as  "desk professionals ", goes beyond words. Even as they see themselves as "nice" and "ass kickers"...they are just criminals, aren't they? Are these "professional harassers" any different from rapists, murderers etc...?

 "Run, run! We are the bad guys"!(by "Wendy"  whoever, accomplice of Silly whoever "scientist" , the ones who "kick ass" in total deniability and impunity...)


A Case of memory loss recently reviewed in the light of new documents - Illegal Human Experiments

The ordinary Air force man who became a rapist and murderer?

The case of Jummy Shaver, air force marshal airman at Lackland Air Force Base

"Louis Jolyon West seems to have used chemicals and hypnosis liberally in his medical practice, possibly leading to the death of a child and the execution of an innocent man."


MK Ultra started in 1953 and was supposedly halted in 1973. But was it?

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