Friday, August 7, 2020

"SHE IS "KICKING ASS" ! " (Shea says...) - Car plate: Quebec KFH 808 - "nomadic station" for DEW attacks?

Criminals in control of red car Quebec KFH 808 plate?


Pulsed Energy Projectiles and Portable Weapons

Is it the gang of criminals, rapists "good clothes", in "good jobs" running the "RUSH HOUR", as they say?

As the Nazis: "Laura Silly", "Miriams", "Julians", the"Sheas", the "RDA's" and many others , all "working for the government" just like the people they use in non consentual human experiments?

As  Herta Oberheuser? The " beast masquerading as a human" ?

Is Quebec KFH 808 plate  a "nomadic station " for DEW attacks? 



For now, they shoot people in supermarkets, libraries, from cars etc...They are "HAVING FUN"...