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" It is a lot bigger than you think ! "

OPERATION GLADIO - Secret Agencies Alliance
3-part series BBC documentary by Alan Francovich(1992)
The story of NATO and CIA sponsored terrorism organization named GLADIO.

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Part One - ="The Ringmasters"
Secret Services Clandestine structures : their involvement in the killing of civilians and police officers , and their attempts to blame the deaths on others , from left wing groups to extremists, gangs and on.
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Part Two - "The Puppeteers"
The Judges speak: "Judges noticed in all the cases a certain amount of interference on the part of the police, secret services, the security and organs of the State. Instead of helping the magistrates to find out the truth, they went on fiddling records given to Magistrates to hide illegal activities of the Clandestine structures inside these Services."
The investigation of the murder of three policemen by prosecuter prosecutor Felipe Casson led to the revelation of "Gladio" networks around Western Europe, Casson's investigation revealed that a right-wing neo-fascist organization had been working very closely with the Military Secret Services.

As access to military equipment had been given to these clandestine structures they were used against innocent civilians and a part of the CIA "Strategy of Tension", killing spree
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Part Three - "The Foot Soldiers"
The Murder of a Prime Minister

"US Army Intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince host country governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger..."

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