Monday, June 21, 2010

ACTIVE DENIAL WEAPONS - Americans Using "PAIN RAY " in Afghanistan

Published on WIRED - DANGER ROOM - By Noah Shachtman - June 19, 2010

Pentagon’s "pain ray," is a directed energy weapon that creates an intense burning sensation theoretically designed to repel a potential enemy. For now, only a vehicle mounted version has come to public knowledge.

The Active Denial System, or ADS, uses directed energy — millimeter waves — and heats up the top layer of the skin. Although the Pentagon says it is specifically designed not to cause any injuries, such as burns, there have been several incidents of blistering. One of the few known being an incident that took place in April 2008 when the Air Force revealed that an airman taking part in a test of ADS had been injured severely enough to be treated at a burn center.

Look at the video "Video: Pain Ray Fries Reporter"
* WIRED - Danger Room , By David Hambling, April 2, 2007

Can we imagine criminals or "out of control" Police Forces , getting a hold of these "very effective" Active Denial Weapons (a handheld version, of course)? I guess they could destroy even the Heath Care System of a country...THE VIDEO:

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