Thursday, April 23, 2009

In 2002 FBI was OUT but CSIS was IN , "visiting" IN Guantanamo ! US Senate Report confirms Rumsfeld responsible for Torture PROGRAM

Confirmation that the USA developed a Torture Program is out by now. Recent released memos also confirm that participation in torture goes from the Military to the CIA...

Documents also show that in late 2001 the FBI refused to participate in the "Torture Program" in Guantanamo and documents show that even in 2003 CSIS went to Guantanamo where the Torture Program was in full gear. With so much information coming out in USA and with the knowledge of CSIS' (Canadian Secret Intelligence Services) "visits" to Guantanamo, one would have to think about the meaning of these CSIS' "visits " to a site running a "Torture Program" ....Isn't this complicity in torture? Is there an explanation to CSIS' visits to "Guantanamo" that doesn't make them, to say the least, bystanders to torture? Can this be brushed off as mere "good faith"? How much involvement do Canadian institutions have with the American Torture PROGRAM? Or is this just a "who cares" issue in Canada?

"Break Them Down, Leave No Marks" - US Senate Report confirms Rumsfeld responsible for Torture PROGRAM
In USA, after the release of the several "secret memos" this week, it became clear that the United States government developed a Torture Program in which the Military, CIA e etc...were participants. The Torture Program used “interrogation plans” to disorient, abuse, dehumanize, and torment individuals over time . All indications are that the program was intended to GET CONFESSIONS - whatever they were...

It was under the "methods" of this "Torture Program" that a Canadian citizen was "prepared' for the visit of Canadian officials in Guantanamo.
(As posted on April 11, 2009 - all documents available on line at The University of California Davis Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas - click HERE)

The "Program" included the Military, the CIA etc...etc...etc...One more point to think about considering the "very close relationship" Canadians proudly have with USA... To understand the extension of the program:

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