Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RCMP : "WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE, ME OR YOUR EYES?" - The RCMP's Propaganda Machine - Drafting the Lies and the "key messages to the media"

View CBC - "Insiders Perspective" April 20, 2009 - (HERE)

One has to wonder the price ALL Police Forces , all over the country, have to pay for siding with the RCMP's lies and cover-ups ...
While tons of police officers in other forces are, on a daily basis, working , really working, to bring criminals to Court, the RCMP doesn't need this - it can only roll its propaganda machine and Bingo!, the "Canadian Police Idol" gets the honours!
From complicity in torture, to harassment of Canadians (HERE) , to killing a confused man in front of the public and on and on, it looks like that nothing is bad enough to the RCMP , as long as it can , with impunity, cover it up. This is a Police Force that would make any dictator happy: lies, crimes, cover-ups, no accountability, power, intimidations...Still missing the "death squads" component? maybe...

But soon, for sure, the RCMP will come up with some "sensational news" about some TERRIFIC crime it solved!
Its propaganda machine must be rolling right now, so that Canada and the world, (mainly those who visit Disneyland) , forget or do not believe in their own eyes or in any evidence that contradicts the RCMP.
At the end of the day, this Police Force slogan looks like to be " "Who you gonna believe, ME OR YOUR EYES?"
For our eyes to see and for our ears to listen:

DRAFTING THE LIES - "key messages to the media"

NOT "JUST" TASER BUT A PATTERN OF VIOLENCE - RCMP Pepper Spray BABY ..Is the case just the taser?

AND some of the CASES...only a few...

68 Year Old Stroke Victim Tasered After Double Parking

RCMP using Taser on disabled man - But in this case, the man died some weeks later...in an accident...

THE LAST MINUTES OF Robert Dziekanski - the RCMP caught on video: " "WHO YOU GONNA BELIEVE, ME OR YOUR EYES?"
Paul Pritchard,the school teacher who shot the video, had to threaten Court Action to get his camera back, after the RCMP saw him shooting what happened and seized his camera.