Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Getting Used to it???" It took decades to USA to go from experiments in humans(MKULTRA) to a Torture Policy. Why blaming George Bush now?

The American Torture Program and a small, very small piece of its details is revealed and the atrocities are in no way far away from madness and cruelty. This could not have happened just "because of Bush". This has to be the result of a History of years and years of impunity and atrocities.

As History tells and in a very similar manner to detainees expected condition (as described in the memos) , America's History of atrocities become each day more and more "predictable" and probably "sustainable" as impunity is also in the USA agenda.. Because "Yes, they can"!

Although the documents released Monday , August 24, 2009, probably described only a small piece of the CIA’s detention and torture program and are "outdated" since the report dates back to 2004, hopefully it is still shocking to Americans to learn that their country, the self proclaimed "Bastian of democracy" has actually a real face that is far from decent besides having invested itself with the power of turn the rest of the world into witnesses to atrocities and impunity it proclaims to be unacceptable from others.

The memos speak for themselves - They show the real face of the United States of America and of its disregard for any rule or Law that is not convenient for the CIA and "others".

An interesting article about the content and link to the memos by Jason Leopold , The Public Record, August 25, 2009:
"Revealed: Docs Describe in Extraordinary Detail Process of ‘Rendition,’ Torture" HERE