Thursday, March 4, 2010


The American Torture Program includes the use of music as a "leave no marks" method of torture. (

"The CIA realized, through psychological experiments in the 1950s and 60s that you could break down a person’s identity and trigger psychosis through sensory deprivation and overload. "

As the "American Torture Program" spread (or spreads?) around the world, plenty of people have become victims of the atrocities the United States has been perpetrating in the world and many have been tortured to the point of death or of losing their minds in the Dark Prison and elsewhere, but that is by no means the only place where U.S. forces, including the CIA and U.S. military personnel, have employed torture music. Thailand, Poland, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Iraq: the list is endless.

The worse is still to come as impunity becomes the "American standard" when it comes to Torture.

As those who authorized the "American Torture Program" are neither investigated nor hold accountable or even worse, are "cleared", the reality becomes more and more evident : "psychological" techniques, will be increasingly attractive to those who believe themselves entitled to torture whoever, whenever, wherever.