Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dr Aubrey Levin , aka "Dr.Shock" in South Africa, was a military psychiatrist during the apartheid regime. He was admitted to Canada in 1995

Dr Aubrey Levin, a former South African psychiatrist, who was accused of numerous human rights abuses in South Africa, immigrated to Canada in 1995 and became a leading Canadian psychiatrist at the University of Calgary’s medical school.

He was recently criminally charged in Calgary, accused of sex assault by one of his patients.
(Calgary Sun, March 31, 2010 -

Canada admitted other South African medical practitioners accused of human rights abuses. Among then two who worked with Wouter Basson, known as Dr Death for his oversight of chemical and biological warfare experiments.

The South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission heard that Levin was guilty of “gross human rights abuses” including chemical castration of gay men.

Dr Levin was known as "Dr. Shock" in South Africa, for his use of electricity to “cure” gay military conscripts.

In Canada for 15 years and teaching at University of Calgary's medical school, he has been arrested for making sexual advances against a male patient and is being investigated on charges of abusing 30 others.

The Alberta justice department is reviewing scores of criminal convictions in which Levin was a prosecution witness.

The Guardian U.K. - Sunday 28 March 2010 - Chris McGreal in Washington

'Doctor Shock' charged with sexually abusing male patient

Canadian police investigate dozens of allegations against psychiatrist nicknamed for use of electricity to 'cure' gay soldiers"

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Controversies related to Aubrey Levin's participation in human rights atrocities: