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Rendition, torture and the allies...And Canada?

Fictions and Facts about the "Rendition Program". (click here)

As General Hayden pointed out in March 2008, thousands of intelligence reports obtained from detainees "rendered" to foreign countries, were passed to allies.

"America’s closest allies, including most NATO members, were fully informed that a program of covert rendition was in use."

Also, in most cases, CIA officials were not to be present when the most brutal "enhanced techniques" were being used to protect them from legal liability.

But this is not a new approach. The CIA has expertise in running these activities, teaching and spreading.

Some History About torture, kidnappings,secret services, lies and cover-ups.. ..somewhere else....NOT in Canada !!

In Argentina, from 1976 to 1982, the Secret Services and the Armed Forces main alleged focus was on eradicating TERRORIST. A "Secret System" was created.

It is estimated that during this period, more than thirty thousand "terrorist" were tortured and/or disappeared.The official government number is 8,960.

Bellow, some information regarding SECRET TRIAL, TORTURE,KIDNAPPING that occurred in the past ...In Argentina , Not In Canada..

In that period, USA goverment had different plans for the region other than the plans the people in the region wanted. Operation Condor was created in which several countries were "collaborators" in the torture , "extraordinary rendition" and assassination of the so called "terrorists". Most of them were dissents.

Julia was a young physician and mother-to-be kidnapped and tortured to death. She had no connection to any political movement.

Quotes from the Book: "I Remember Julia: Voices of the Disappeared by Eric Stener Carlson -


-An Argentina Army officer speaks about the fight against terrorism/subversion, to Emilio Fermin Mignone, President of the Centre for Legal Studies; author of several books concerning the military, violence and democracy :

"We are not going to commit the same mistake as Franco or as Pinochet of shooting people publicly in the street, because the Pope himself is going to ask us not to shoot them." .

By that time, "the Argentine people were misinformed. All they knew was some neighbor, some relative, a friend, had disappeared, but they didn't know that it was a system."

"In their cowardice and ineptitude, they wanted to develop a system. General Camps said that the Argentines had discovered the correct method to put an end to the subversion...The idea was to do it secretly."

This secret activity was, above all, the work of the intelligence services. Here, in Argentina, there was an excess, an overabundance of intelligence services. The intelligence services were the ones that conceived the system. The intelligence services, all of them, all of the military, have a very partial view of reality. They believed that they could invent this plan and make it work. The STATE approved it and it was applied. They created the so called "fuerzas de tarea" groups that worked with great quantity of officials and sub officials.

The military and the secret services acted with cowardice. That is to say, they used a system, they made themselves into subversives, into guerrillas.

"They used illegal methods in making people disappear."

"More than arrogance, it was stupidity. There was arrogance as well, to believe that they were the owners of other peoples' destinies, that they could manipulate the entire society, fool the entire world"....One of the aspirations of my to see the Armed Forces recognize that their situation was illegitimate and to see that they do so publicly"

Without this...we are always going to think that everyone in the secret services is a torturer and a murderer, even though he/she is not....

Some of the above are the extracts from the views of Emilio Fermin Mignone, President of the Centre for Legal Studies; author of several books concerning the military, violence, and democracy (Voices of the Disappeared by Eric Stener Carlson)

The official version by that time was that:

"There were no political prisoners, there was no repression, and of course,there were no disappearances."

But this is all Argentina.....NOT CANADA !!! Or has Canada perfected the "system" ?

The Iacobucci Report mentions "indirect torture"...INDIRECT...

And there are the cases like that of ABOUSFIAN ABDELRAZIK in which documents tell a lot about the Canadian Secret Service (CSIS) in one of its officials statement regarding his torture :

"We judge it unlikely that, should Abdelrazik's detention in Sudan become public knowledge, there would be the same sort of outcry that surrounded Maher Arar's arrest and deportation from the USA"..

Has "perfection" been reached in Canada?

Or simply "There were no political prisoners, there was no repression, and of course,there were no disappearances, no torture."?

More on Argentinian "non-perfect yet" System of Fighting "TERRORISM":

THE DISAPPEARED - by Peter Sands

"The Disappeared" relives the horrors of Argentina's Dirty War (1976-83) through the experience of Horacio Pietragalla, a young man raised by the maid of the officer who kidnapped him after the military brutally murdered his parents, labelled as "TERRORISTS" by the government. The film follows Horacio as he reconstructs the cause for which his real parents gave their lives, and, through this search, reclaims his true identity. This personal journey internalizes the tragedy that ravaged the country for seven years and exposes polarized views on state-driven terrorism in groundbreaking interviews with top officials and military figures.