Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AFTER The Iacobucci Report : A Memory "refresher" on the Canadian Complicity in Torture - Hearing on “Rendition to Torture:The Case of Maher Arar.”

AFTER The Iacobucci Report , this hearing gives us a "memory refresher" on the false allegations against Abdullah Almalki that were used to "justify" Maher Arar's kidnapping to torture in Syria - reminds us of RCMP/CSIS conduct...

The Iacobucci Inquiry’s report details how Canadian agencies’-CSIS and the RCMP - allegations against Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin were

”inaccurate,” “inflammatory,” and “without investigative foundation,” and the many ways in which these agencies were complicit in their torture.

The hearing was on October 18, 2007 and on January 19, 2009, the FBI continues to bring "stories" to the table - statements extracted from 15-year-old Omar Khadr in custody of Americans engaged in the same Torture Program that rendered Maher Arar to Syria.

In this hearing,US Representatives Dana Rohrabacher and Trent Franks talk about the Canadian officials participation in the American "kidnapping to torture" program, also referred as "Rendition Program". They talk about Canadian participation in the kidnapping to torture of Maher Arar and on the basis to the decision.

The hearing follows with the statements of American Representatives Dana Rohrabacher and Trent Franks about Canadian Intelligence.

We should not forget that Omar Khadr was submitted to sleep deprivation, to "soften" him prior to his interrogation by Canadian officials who went to Guantanamo to "question" him. Just a reminder...