Tuesday, January 20, 2009

KHADR'S CHIEF INTERROGATOR COURT-MARTIALLED after an Afghan innocent prisoner was tortured and beaten to DEATH

WHO WAS one of Khadr's CHIEF INTERROGATOR? Who started "softening" Khadr?


DILAWAR was a 22 year-old innocent Afghanistan taxi driver.

United States Army documentation ruled that his death was due to the torture he was submitted to in the hands of his interrogators - AMONG THEM , OMAR KHADR'S CHIEF and INTERROGATOR AT BAGRAM.

That is it: One of KHADR'S first "interrogators" pleaded guilty in March 2008 to charges related to the mistreatment that resulted in the death of an innocent man - Dilawar.


It was in the hands of this very same "interrogator" that Omar Khadr's ordeal began.

Isn't it worth asking some questions?

- Were "SELECTED" interrogators brought to testify in Khadr's case? Were are the other interrogators? Where is one of the first who "extracted information" from Khadr?

By now, it already looks like that there is no doubt that Khadr's "confessions" were extracted under torture of this 15-YEAR-OLD.

- Are confessions under torture now turning into acceptable as long as they SMEAR MAHER ARAR or any other victim of the Canadian Complicity with the American Torture Program ?

From the sensational coverage about Khadr's statements that he saw Mr. Arar in a Kabul guesthouse run by a suspected al-Qaeda, it looks like that we have a Media that turns statements extracted UNDER TORTURE into NEWS.

By the way, at that time, Mr. Khadr would have been six or seven years old.
Something to think about...

As a representative of the American Civil Liberties Union said:

“Instead of admitting the outrageous mishandling of Khadr's case, the government is even ready to tarnish the name of an innocent man like Maher Arar who was tortured at the behest of the U.S. government to justify this broken and tainted system,”

What about Canada?

Why is that that the torture endured by a 15-year-old is not clearly mentioned but a statement obtained under torture of a 15-year-old BECOMES BIG NEWS to once more swipe at Maher Arar's reputation ?

The Canadian officials who leaked the confession Mr. Arar gave under torture in Syria, which suggested he attended a training camp for several months in 1993 were never identified and now Mr.Khadr's statements extracted under torture are acceptable..

Something to think about - torture flights, Canadian complicity, lies and cover-ups and a Canadian Inquiry where Mr. Justice Dennis O'Connor concluded in 2006 that:

“There is no evidence to indicate that Mr. Arar has committed any offence or that his activities constitute a threat to the security of Canada."

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Finally, some statements from an Army Interrogator - witness of the "interrogation program" - TORTURE AS IT REALLY IS: