Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Omar Khadr's Chief "Interrogator" in Bagran- Sgt.Joshua Claus-Court-Martialled...Something about TORTURE IN BAGRAN where Omar was "interrogated"

OMAR Khadr’s CHIEF INTERROGATOR in Bagram was Sgt. Joshua Claus.

Sgt. Joshua Claus was court-martialled after an innocent 22-year-old Afghan taxi driver - Delawar - was beaten to death.

Sgt. Claus was the one who "got started" with 15-year-old Canadian Omar Khadr. The CHIEF INTERROGATOR of Omar in Bagran.


Dilawar abuse and death under torture is described in the 2007 Oscar winning DOCUMENTARY “Taxi to the Dark Side”, by American filmmaker Alex Gibney.

Again...At the age of 15,in Bagran, Omar Khadr's chief "interrogator" was this very same Sgt. Joshua Claus...

What kind of "information" did he extract or prepared to be extracted from Omar Khadr? The documentary sheds some light on the American Torture Program, confessions, death and should demand some reflection on the Canadian complicity in torture...

A Trailer of the documentary:

(more can be seen on www.youtube.com - just search "TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE"