Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iacobucci Report, Chapter 3, paragraph 77 - "caveats are down" ... A look at CSIS/RCMP and other Canadian agencies close, very close "friends"-CIA/FBI

The O’Connor judicial Inquiry on Maher Arar's kidnapping to torture, like the Iacobucci Inquiry into the actions of Canadian Officials in Relation to Abdullah Almali, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati and Muayyed Nureddin unveils a small fraction of the close relationship the Canadian agencies have with the CIA and other cases American agencies.

This fully documented video is about The History of the terrorism conducted by the CIA, since the end of the World War II . In the so called "war on terror", Canada has closely associated itself with the CIA/FBI.

This is the story of the Terrorism of the CIA -
a History of Torture, kidnapping, rape, assassinations and more where "Anything Goes"...